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Talking With Nature

Some people ignore with surrounding, like partner, friends, parent and also nature. They breathe after the green do their work. They always use everything and worry with chemical. And sometimes these people forget that they grow up together with nature.


But for me, I love nature more than I do. I feel love with them just like I love my Mr.Right. Every day I always say to my flower “hey guys, how are u today?” And I know they always reply for me.

When my roses want to bloom her flower, I can’t wait to see it. I have more than one rose plant so sometime I forget their color. Is it red, pink, peach, yellow or orange? But whatever color it is, I love them all.

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I start to care rose after I dream that I sleep beside red rose. So why not I try to raise it start with one pot? I already know that rose is hard to live in hot country and plus with raining day. But I just say to my heart I can do this to full fill my dream. And start that day, I buy every color of rose that I see beautiful on my eyes.

When I touch leaves of a tree, I can feel it full of love. Cool and stay charm. I can talk with them too.  Don’t say that I’m crazy girl. I just share my happiness moment with them. If u does it, u can find it will grow healthy with your love. 

Time now 5.01 pm. Just wait about 29 minute to do my routine; Gardening

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Awesome Full Time Housewife

I’m not afraid with this fever. Even flu and cough. At the day I feel like a superwoman and at night, I just like a little cat afraid of water. I only can sleep with my best comforter.

Based on weather widget on my tab, my place now about 29’C and feels like 33’C. But I’m still feeling cold like sit in a fridge. My mind flies and imagines what if I stay somewhere western place and stand alone at the center of winter? What should I do and wear? If I tell this to my hubby, he will explain it with a long sheet of paper.

Okay, leave my hubby alone because he still working in the ship. So as a part time single wife (not a single mother because I have no kids), everything must be control by myself include this fever. Yeah, I feel awesome at this moment and hear “u are super wife can survive alone”. But sometime I feel lonely because I sleep alone, breakfast lunch dinner alone and play alone even I stay with my parent. In programming language [empty].

I’m not working. Ah ha… Yes, sometime I feel jealous with my friend. They working and have a good time with their career. But for me, why I must work if I can’t to give my best effort to my work? This is because my husband said “If I’m working, U can work but If I’m leave about 2 or 3 month, so that’s mean U must stay with me”. So then, I try to full fill my time with gardening, reading, shopping and others hobby. And YES I’m full time housewife. Is it wrong with this?


When I say “I’m full time housewife”, some people give me a bad respond. One of them said I can’t to say anything about politics, increase of spend, money, and other stupid thing. The others say I’m not involved in community and what so ever. But my answer is I Don’t care. I’m not using their money to feed my tummy. I just remember one thing when I was child. I and my female friends play as housewife and boys play as working husband. Then why they must compare between part time and full time housewife? I don’t understand with my culture style, or community or whatever.

If I have kids someday, I will make them feel good every day. Teach them about good and bad habit before education. Maybe my life will change as a super duper woman. And the important thing is, I will share my hobby with them. So they must know what the other thing that kids can do beside internet and gaming.

I must say that I love my job.

Time now is 12:16 a.m Need to sleep, Good nite =)

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The Two Sisters

This is a story of two sisters.


In one fine day, the two sisters play together. Sister 1 cook the meal and sister 2 change doll cloths. Somehow, sister 2 ask her friend to play together with them. Without thinking twice sister 1 say “okay”. So they play peacefully and harmony.

On the next day the two sisters got new dress from their mom. And they show it to their friends. One of their friends feels jealousy and try to rip sister 2’s dress. Sister 1 sees what happen actually and try to solve the problem. She jump over to her friends and slap her like a mom do same thing to their kids.

“Piap”… the whole world keeps silent. After that Sister 2 scold sister 1 what have she done. Sister 2 said to sister 1 “don’t cross my path. Enough is enough. Don’t try doing the same thing again”.

Sister 1 actually wants to help sister 2 from her disaster friend. But what she got only like she done something cannot be approval. With tears that only can see in true heart, she goes away and leave them to enjoy the day.


Moral of the story: Even we live in the same box, don’t forget that we have own part. Jump if u dare or walk away.

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Hey ya

Hello world. I would to say that this is my new blog. Everything about myself and surrounding me that I can’t share with someone i know. Seriously I’m not finish update my profile. But just wait tomorrow because my clock already show 1:42am. Need to sleep and don’t want to be panda eyes.

Take care guys. I leave u with interesting picture that I got from social media.


Good night. Better sleep will change something tomorrow