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The Two Sisters

This is a story of two sisters.


In one fine day, the two sisters play together. Sister 1 cook the meal and sister 2 change doll cloths. Somehow, sister 2 ask her friend to play together with them. Without thinking twice sister 1 say “okay”. So they play peacefully and harmony.

On the next day the two sisters got new dress from their mom. And they show it to their friends. One of their friends feels jealousy and try to rip sister 2’s dress. Sister 1 sees what happen actually and try to solve the problem. She jump over to her friends and slap her like a mom do same thing to their kids.

“Piap”… the whole world keeps silent. After that Sister 2 scold sister 1 what have she done. Sister 2 said to sister 1 “don’t cross my path. Enough is enough. Don’t try doing the same thing again”.

Sister 1 actually wants to help sister 2 from her disaster friend. But what she got only like she done something cannot be approval. With tears that only can see in true heart, she goes away and leave them to enjoy the day.


Moral of the story: Even we live in the same box, don’t forget that we have own part. Jump if u dare or walk away.



Hi, I'm Syida. Hanya blogger biasa dan suka menulis isi hati di sini. Tulis apa yang saya suka dan mahu berkongsi.

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