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Money is not everything

In spongebob cartoon, crab always be a rich man by his restaurant business. And he always shower with his money, sleep, chat, everything. He seem happy but the real is not, always scared to death if someone try to ask about money from him like her daughter.Spongebob he just ignore all the wealth and enjoy his career. Even he is the best employer crab has but he not asking more than his job.
When I work before, I always see this yellow sponge as idol. Be happy what ever I done. But as real human on this earth, I can’t run from money problem. Need to pay this, need to pay that. And until this, the problem still same but in different way. As u know, I’am fulltime housewife and just wait my husband salary. Then, I need to clear all his loan, saving, bill and anything since him now still on duty. I just do it as this is my responsibility.
Everybody say, go to work lah…dont stay at home only, your husband is not your banker, bla bla bla… Seriously I don’t work based on some reason. I don’t want to work only for a few month then resign after my husband home.
Just a few minute, I want to take all of you to go with my time machine when my grandfather still alive. He is strong in heart, always forgive who make him sad, and still strong even with big problem. He is not a rich guy. For him money is not everything, he eat whatever he afford to buy. And his transport is bicycle. But he just happy and try to achieve his dream. When I was kid, I always ask him to buy burger. And he always buy that for me. How happy we are even Im not get video game from him. He always wear simple cloth that look like more than 10 years. Humble and simple, down to earth. And now he is gone leave me and all my family. He is the man who dont know meaning of hot temper.
Im happy because I dont need money to breath. Im happy because i dont need money to laugh. Im happy that i dont need money to feel the ground. Im happy i dont need money to get sunshine every morning. So many free thing that we cant get it from money.
I need to forget about shopping, new cloth, shoes, handbag after he give trusted loving ring. This not mean that he not love me. But for now I just think for saving and future. If he come back from work, maybe we will travel for another honeymoon. And I will grab one or two handbag and shoes =D

Need to read this. For fun or some great idea.



Hi, I'm Syida. Hanya blogger biasa dan suka menulis isi hati di sini. Tulis apa yang saya suka dan mahu berkongsi.

2 thoughts on “Money is not everything

  1. I have this book in my collection,have I given you this already 0_o
    Anyways,I think Spongebob’s ambition is quite simple.He obviously doesn’t care on money cos he doesn’t need much.
    In a real world,we want something,we must have money.Can I have a magic lamp please?? /joking

    1. Yup. I got it from u. Thank you so much. We need everything by using money. What I mention is don’t be money’s slave. Chasing for the money and ignore your health. Did u ever heard your money is not yours?
      If the lamp exist, I will not ask money, I will asking what I want like new dress, house, sport cars. So our surrounding will not curious. Heheee..

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