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Fight with time

Our life was full with time. Even our body needs time. One of my cousin have told me that her HR manager who conduct the interview always look candidate’s hand. If the person did not wear watch, so he assume that person are not appreciate with time. But for me, watch really important. It doesn’t matter cheap or expensive. Just to be sure that it’s ‘live’.

To be honest, I always failed fighting with time. And sometime I just let them go with nothing. At the end of day, I feel 24hours was not enough.

For Malay word, time is gold. So, be friend with the entire gadget like tab, hand phone, laptop or diary to not miss the important thing in life.




Hi, I'm Syida. Hanya blogger biasa dan suka menulis isi hati di sini. Tulis apa yang saya suka dan mahu berkongsi.

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