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New Resolution

Happy New Year 2014 everyone. I hope for this year will bring cheers, happiness and luck. But as human we just plan, only God knows what the best for you. Not too late to draw or list your resolutions.

Resolution is not aim for 1st week of new year. But at the end of the year it will be our target. Either we achieve it or not. It happened to me. Always think I must, I must think plan and write my resolution when new year is coming. Beside not think my resolution for last year, I plan onother one target and in my heart pray that I will achieve it. Not until half of the year, I already forget what I wish. And at the next year I plan for another one.

Basically we write the resolution like ‘getting slimmer’. It was a big step to achieve it. Why not lose 4 kilos per month? It more easy and simple goal. And at the end of year, check the resolution back.

Other than that, put it on the wall. Frame yours resolution and hang it. Or for more privacy if you dont want your mom, dad or even hubby laughing at you, just stick it at the place you always open like wardrobe. Do something that can remember your target.

Here is my wish for 2014. Yeah it was a big step. Where’s the smaller step? I keep it in the fridge.. hahahaa, just kidding.

Happy New Year 2014 – Syida



Hi, I'm Syida. Hanya blogger biasa dan suka menulis isi hati di sini. Tulis apa yang saya suka dan mahu berkongsi.

2 thoughts on “New Resolution

  1. So,wondering what’s on the fridge tuuu? Haha,all your healthy foods I wonder.I wish you all the best on completing the resolution.
    I know you’ve asked on mine..well,the reason I’ve been neglecting is because…I’m lazy to come up with one.Okay,maybe I will…especially on the ‘losing weight’ part.
    I’ve tried,and tried these past years..suma tak jadi haha.

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