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White, Soft and Sweet

It’s all about Pau. Malay – chinese traditional food. I love to eat Pau but sometime it can be too expensive. So then I try to make it with my own and lalala… it’s done and ready to eat.

The ingredients was easier to find.  And the recipe is not too difficult. Just use a little bit of the energy to fight with the flour. Sound like I apply kungfu to make it. Hahaha. And the result much more better.

When I eat it, I feel all my stress all gone. As the filling I put sweet coconut in white colour. That’s why you can’t see the different between pau and fillings. At the nearest supermarket, they put chicken curry, butternut, chocolate and other that suit all taste.

I love to cook n try new recipes. But I always find cooking mood before decide the dishes. And thanks to my sis that clear all the mess that I made.

Buy a new recipe’s book but not known when I will try – SYIDA



Hi, I'm Syida. Hanya blogger biasa dan suka menulis isi hati di sini. Tulis apa yang saya suka dan mahu berkongsi.

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