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Thanks For Today

Dear Allah,
Thanks for today that make me breath until now. And I realised that I’m the lucky ones who still can do what I like. Life can’t change with money. And same goes with happiness.

Last Tuesday, I visit a someone that always smile, laugh and loving in front of others. But inside her, she got a breast cancer and fight with it. And the day she died, it’s like a day turn dark. She died while fighting with that cancer. Her red skin turn yellow. And the doctor have says that she only can live about 3 month but she live for 6 month. She did her best to survive.

On that day, I realized that what I’m doing today it must be something good for tomorrow. Appreciate what I got and love the one who really love me.

Today 16 February 2014, I celebrate my birthday with family and relatives. Even my husband was not here, but I know he miss me so much. He is the best gift I have.

And thanks to Mr.Google for birthday doodle –syida