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Lelong For 1 Second

Lelong is about hot sale. 30%, 50%, 70% and others discount. But what actually I wanted to say is direct selling. Good, shy, bad, slow, interesting, everything in direct selling.

I sell perfume, lingerie, cosmetic, and other stuff from a famous brand. To me, I just sharing something that I wear usually for all day long. Not for gain more money, not be a famous star but to know everyone in my hometown. 

But I hate someone who look me down when I say another item also have offered. And someone who just order goods and need it on the spot. 

Whatever it is, I learn that not everybody are lucky, not everybody was kind as their face, not everybody same like me. Sometime smile in their face will hide their sadness. Have more kids will bring happiness and mess also. I learn it to improve my life. 

Sweet talking will be as sweet smile. But don’t worry about the calorie 😀

My smile will be more sweeter than this Strawberry