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Alah, sepuluh sen jer pun

Assalamualaikum semua. Masing-masing masih mood raya lagi. Jadi, boleh lah nak ucap selamat hari raya aidilfitri buat semua umat islam walau dimana anda berada.

Pasal entry kali ni nak membebel sikit pasal nikmat sedekah.

Sedekah ini tidak lah wajib. Tetapi jika dibuat dapat pahala dan Insya Allah sahamnya di syurga nanti. Jadi jangan takut untuk bersedekah sekalipun nilainya hanyalah sebesar zarah.

Kalau nak bersedekah ni boleh jer. Kalau tak ada ratus, puluh, ribu, seringgit pun jadilah. Jika tiada pun sen2 pun tak apa. Jika tiada harta boleh juga dengan tenaga. Jika tiada juga, maka cukuplah sekadar senyuman.

Buat orang yang meniaga, jangan lokek untuk bersedekah. Ye lah. Kita rasa sen2 tu untung sbnrnya. Tapi siapa sangka sen2 tu lah yang mendatangkan rezeki lebih lagi akan datang. Insya Allah. Kerana sedekah itu tidak akan membuatkan seseorang itu jatuh miskin.

Cerita pasal sedekah pernah ada pengalaman yang terpahat dalam memori. Waktu itu saya baru sahaja memberi bantuan untuk anak yang baru sahaja kehilangan bapa. Saya membantu serba sedikit sekadar termampu. Waktu itu saya teringin sangat untuk memiliki zuriat sendiri setelah bertahun kahwin.

Macam2 dah ubat, berubat, doktor cuba. Tapi tidak berkesan. Selepas sahaja peristiwa dimana saya menawarkan bantuan untuk anak tersebut, tidak disangka sebulan selepas itu saya disahkan hamil.

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki yang tidak disangka. Mungkin berkat anak yatim atau nikmat nya sedekah. Jika harta setinggi gunung tetap tidak akan sama dengan zuriat sendiri. Saat itu syukur sangat. Seperti dapat segunung intan.

Cuma saya nak tekan disini, jika bersedekah hati itu WAJIB ikhlas. Tidak perlu disebut bila, berapa nilainya. Ibarat semut hitam pada batu hitam. Ianya seperti tiada tetapi ada.

Alhamdulillah, raya ni ramai yang berlumba bagi duit raya. Tapi jangan dibising berapa nilainya yang anak kita dapat. Walau sepuluh sen sekalipun, itu lah rezeki. Dan berapa kita bagi seikhlas hati serta semampu diri biarlah hanya kita sahaja yang tahu.

Nak duit raya? Jemput datang rumah yer 😉

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HB for My Self

16 February 2017

I really having fun with my family members. They plan something that I don’t know about it.
Gues what???

A birthday cake with a false age on that cake 😬

Haiyoooo 😅 they forgot to write down my name and also my real age. Just minus 1 and then u will know how old I am.

But thanks again to them for not forgetting my birthday 😘😘😘

My friends on Facebook also remember my birthday. Thanks also to the fb application for mention my birthday. I receive a lot of wish that I didn’t get before this. 

Yeahhh… U can say that i’m a little bit lonely before this. Yes. I’m happy and also busy to reply all that wish one by one.

Uncle Google also made special icon for me. Ermmm… Not beauty as before. Tapi ok lah dari tak ada kann?

Thanks for all. Love you so much 😘😘😘

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Means of sacrifice

Happy Aidiladha for all Muslim around the world. Maybe you are cooking with that meat. I’m not here to write about this sacrifice ritual.  But it’s all about the sacrifice in our life.
If student, they will forget their movie time and continue study for the exam.  If working, need to think their work on meeting instead of family. And not forget for housewife, need to wake up early and prepare breakfast for whole family and say goodbye to comfortable bed. It’s all sacrifice for our own good.  But how long we can still continue with that?
Sacrifice must do with the right way. The result will totally awesome such as earn more salary, good result in exam, have happy family, got respect from others. If you done with the wrong way, for example leave your kids at home alone without guidance only for help your neighbors or maybe you trust your friends more than your sibling like give them loan and after that they gone with your money. So becareful what you sacrifice about.
The most popular sacrifice for me is use money to buy something I love and after that my wallet will be empty. I want to buy this pretty dress but the price was so expensive. If I didn’t buy this dress it will sold out. But if I spend my last money for something pretty things maybe it’s worth. Later then I just think it’s ok, the money will run back in my purse. Kiss good bye at the money “later I will see you come back in your pot”. And then I got new dress.

Keep calm, relax, and chill up. You just do it what you feel right. Don’t worry with your surrounding. Happiness will come to you as what you did for your own life and others.


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Thanks For Today

Dear Allah,
Thanks for today that make me breath until now. And I realised that I’m the lucky ones who still can do what I like. Life can’t change with money. And same goes with happiness.

Last Tuesday, I visit a someone that always smile, laugh and loving in front of others. But inside her, she got a breast cancer and fight with it. And the day she died, it’s like a day turn dark. She died while fighting with that cancer. Her red skin turn yellow. And the doctor have says that she only can live about 3 month but she live for 6 month. She did her best to survive.

On that day, I realized that what I’m doing today it must be something good for tomorrow. Appreciate what I got and love the one who really love me.

Today 16 February 2014, I celebrate my birthday with family and relatives. Even my husband was not here, but I know he miss me so much. He is the best gift I have.

And thanks to Mr.Google for birthday doodle –syida

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Who should we love

Happy Maulidur Rasul – prophet Muhammad’s birthday.
After Allah, we should love our prophet Muhammad Rasulullah.

He just like other human who eat, drink, sleep like us. But what make he really loved by Allah and muslim? His heart really sincere, his heart really love all the creatures.  Not with human only, but he also love cat. He love cat so much. He truly amazing man. Loving and caring with all his surrounding.


I never seen him but I always pray that I could see him in jannah. I trust what have been writen in Quran. And all had happen in this world also have been tell by Quran.

He also the most romantic man in this world.

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New Resolution

Happy New Year 2014 everyone. I hope for this year will bring cheers, happiness and luck. But as human we just plan, only God knows what the best for you. Not too late to draw or list your resolutions.

Resolution is not aim for 1st week of new year. But at the end of the year it will be our target. Either we achieve it or not. It happened to me. Always think I must, I must think plan and write my resolution when new year is coming. Beside not think my resolution for last year, I plan onother one target and in my heart pray that I will achieve it. Not until half of the year, I already forget what I wish. And at the next year I plan for another one.

Basically we write the resolution like ‘getting slimmer’. It was a big step to achieve it. Why not lose 4 kilos per month? It more easy and simple goal. And at the end of year, check the resolution back.

Other than that, put it on the wall. Frame yours resolution and hang it. Or for more privacy if you dont want your mom, dad or even hubby laughing at you, just stick it at the place you always open like wardrobe. Do something that can remember your target.

Here is my wish for 2014. Yeah it was a big step. Where’s the smaller step? I keep it in the fridge.. hahahaa, just kidding.

Happy New Year 2014 – Syida