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When tummy give a signal

Food. Everyone will thinking about it. At the morning, afternoon, evening and night. With family, friends, someone special. Food is a must just like sleep. Pardon me if u did not have plenty of sleep.

When we go outing, we must think what should we eat. For me food is art, element to be close together, have fun and create a great moment. It doesn’t matter even the dish expensive or cheaper. It depends on mood.

I love spaghetti. I really really really love spaghetti. I have try to cook the simple one. And the taste was so great. Unfortunately my hubby was not here to taste it. After finish cooking, I call him and said “Dear, I cook spaghetti olio and the taste was so good rather then my last try” And he said “U must cook for me with the same ingredient and taste”. He not scold me because he know I doesn’t have appetite since I faint last day.


Food also can be a poison. Okay I admit it that I faint because of food poison. Early in the morning I wake up and diarrhea. Not just that, what I’m eating all going out. I don’t know what I ‘m eating. Maybe because of too much sea food, or chocolate or ice cream. Only god can answer it. The FUNNY part is I thought that I’m pregnant but the doctor said it food poisoning.

faintWhat I hate to eat is food at the wedding ceremony. I hate to stand in line, chose the meal and put it in 1 plate. In Malay traditional meal for wedding ceremony is not like western. We eat rice and put all the chicken, beef, fish and mix with curry in 1 plate. When I was child the really traditional way is we just sit and someone will serve you. U just have rice and all the dish at the other plate. Since today is a modern life, the traditional way change to buffet system.

The best time to eat is when in Ramadan month or fasting month. At the day, I will thinking what to cook or what to buy for breaking meal for that night. And now only left 1 month before the fasting month. Can’t wait for it… oohh yeahh. The tourist that I found almost say that they love fasting month in Malaysia. Too many food to choose. I wish my hubby was here for this Ramadan and Eid month.

Bazaar Ramadhan  Taman Harmoni 10 Bandar Baru Bangi 01_Shah_Alam

I doesn’t have any comment for fast food. It always be delicious , tasty, yummy, easy, faster food but full of poison. I eat them also but not always. And for now must be too careful for this. I don’t want to fall of sick again. “I don’t want banana fruit two times”.

My tummy said “I’m Hungry”. Need to take a break 😀

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White, Soft and Sweet

It’s all about Pau. Malay – chinese traditional food. I love to eat Pau but sometime it can be too expensive. So then I try to make it with my own and lalala… it’s done and ready to eat.

The ingredients was easier to find.  And the recipe is not too difficult. Just use a little bit of the energy to fight with the flour. Sound like I apply kungfu to make it. Hahaha. And the result much more better.

When I eat it, I feel all my stress all gone. As the filling I put sweet coconut in white colour. That’s why you can’t see the different between pau and fillings. At the nearest supermarket, they put chicken curry, butternut, chocolate and other that suit all taste.

I love to cook n try new recipes. But I always find cooking mood before decide the dishes. And thanks to my sis that clear all the mess that I made.

Buy a new recipe’s book but not known when I will try – SYIDA