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The house were empty

House without food, that family will starving.  House without furniture, they will sit, sleep, eat on the floor. But if house without book, it will look like the house were totally empty. I’m not talking that the house belong to uneducated family. It just the feeling when we step that kind of house.


House was the place we rest, raise our family, and loving each other. House also is a suitable place for teaching our kids, gain knowledge and have fun. Without book, house will look dull. Not need the expensive book. Magazine is quite enough.

Book is the fun way to travel. And it also as news to update our life. Maybe nowadays we getting more trendy. Reading now you can just open your handphone, tab, laptop or any gadget you like. I also read ebook. But every time I going out, I will go to bookshop to find something new to read. This because your gadget have limit. And also our eyes will get tired if 24hours non stop looking at the gadgets.


I love book. My house decoration full of book. Inside my room, also have book. When I go to my friend’s house, I will grab book or magazine just to find something interesting and share with them. Ya, it kind of an idea when you got nothing to say.


Happy thought: Al-quran is the best book ever.