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Means of sacrifice

Happy Aidiladha for all Muslim around the world. Maybe you are cooking with that meat. I’m not here to write about this sacrifice ritual.  But it’s all about the sacrifice in our life.
If student, they will forget their movie time and continue study for the exam.  If working, need to think their work on meeting instead of family. And not forget for housewife, need to wake up early and prepare breakfast for whole family and say goodbye to comfortable bed. It’s all sacrifice for our own good.  But how long we can still continue with that?
Sacrifice must do with the right way. The result will totally awesome such as earn more salary, good result in exam, have happy family, got respect from others. If you done with the wrong way, for example leave your kids at home alone without guidance only for help your neighbors or maybe you trust your friends more than your sibling like give them loan and after that they gone with your money. So becareful what you sacrifice about.
The most popular sacrifice for me is use money to buy something I love and after that my wallet will be empty. I want to buy this pretty dress but the price was so expensive. If I didn’t buy this dress it will sold out. But if I spend my last money for something pretty things maybe it’s worth. Later then I just think it’s ok, the money will run back in my purse. Kiss good bye at the money “later I will see you come back in your pot”. And then I got new dress.

Keep calm, relax, and chill up. You just do it what you feel right. Don’t worry with your surrounding. Happiness will come to you as what you did for your own life and others.